Midnight Rambler

We were given an empty space in the basement of the Joule Hotel, a reference photo of a Parisian barrel vaulted bar and a video clip of the opening sequence of the Godfather. Full interior design with the Tenoversix team and we built several pieces of custom furniture to bring this alive.

I know people will come here for the design. The fancy drinks are secondary.

-Owner, Headington Properties


Joule Hotel Lobby

We have done design drawings this lobby. A lot. Many iterations to get the balance just right on things like the front desk and the entrances to the bar and restaurant. We also built some custom furnishings for the space. These photos don’t even show the final version! Still a work in progress and more of a reason to go and see it in person.

Downtown Dallas Restaurant

A premier choice among downtown Dallas restaurants, Charlie Palmer’s at The Joule is being remodeled into a new restaurant. We are working with the hotel owners to design a great new dining experience.

Austin Hotel Development

We have been selected to design a full luxury hotel development in the ATX. The sketches are coming fast and furious as we work with the client to flesh-out the look and feel of the property.

TENOVERSIX West Hollywood

We have designed this store many times over the past few years. This is the latest version that ties it together with the Dallas store. Custom tables, custom display shelves and a refresh of the layout. Looking good, we think.

The TENOVERSIX build-out has transformed the store and our customers clearly appreciate the thought and design that went into it.

– Co-owner, TENOVERSIX

Olive & June Beverly Hills

We designed and built several different pieces of custom furniture including a sweet barn door. The furnishings are a key component of the brand experience and we look forward to continuing on their next location.

I hope some of these referrals are turning into jobs for you! Everyone loves the barn door!

-Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Owner Olive & June

Weekend Coffee

A little design consultation, a few pieces of custom built furniture and a custom neon sign. We even made the pour-over coffee stands. We love coffee and we love this little shop.

Yes, nailed it.

– Owner, Weekend Coffee

Lexus Super Bowl Commercial

We coordinated the custom build of all of the physical sets in concert with the team at Tractor Vision. A multiday shoot at the Long Beach Convention Center plus a lot of post production put this spot in millions of homes during the Super Bowl.

Nike Retail Event

Custom built retail fixtures in a Venice art gallery for Nike Women’s Conference. We worked closely with the Nike team and exposureusa to create a fantastic event, retail experience and presentation space. And our expert team of installers set it up over night to meet the tight schedule.

I appreciate everything you are doing for this event, can’t imagine a time without PK!!!

– Tomo H., Producer exposureusa

Sergio Rossi Commercial

We designed and built six different sets for the Sergio Rossi shoe line. The shoes were beautiful and the production was flawless for both still photography and commercial spots.

Looks great, huh? You did an amazing job!
– Julie Pifher, Producer Sergio Rossi

Edun Retail Interior

Edun came to Hollywood. We created a brand specific display of their merchandise with lots of antique details. Check the antique door knobs and canes. Bono did not attend the opening night party. Bummer.

Wanted to say thanks again for everything with Edun. The work you did looks terrific and people have been responding well too it.

– Manager, EDUN Retail