Nike Retail Event

Custom built retail fixtures in a Venice art gallery for Nike Women’s Conference. We worked closely with the Nike team and exposureusa to create a fantastic event, retail experience and presentation space. And our expert team of installers set it up over night to meet the tight schedule.

I appreciate everything you are doing for this event, can’t imagine a time without PK!!!

– Tomo H., Producer exposureusa

Canon Exhibits

ISC West 2014-2015 – Coffee Shop, Haberdashery, Toy Store

Traveling Exhibit 2006-2010 – The Gardener & The Artist

Canon Expo NYC 2003 – The Watchmaker on Stage H1

CES 2009 & NAB 2010 – The Science Lab

CES 2011 – The Rainforest

HD Expo 2009 – The Mad Scientist

NAB 2006 – The Watchmaker

Best Buy Expo 2011 – The Mini-Rainforest

Vixia/Eos 2009 – Miniature City