Lexus Super Bowl Commercial

We coordinated the custom build of all of the physical sets in concert with the team at Tractor Vision. A multiday shoot at the Long Beach Convention Center plus a lot of post production put this spot in millions of homes during the Super Bowl.

Sergio Rossi Commercial

We designed and built six different sets for the Sergio Rossi shoe line. The shoes were beautiful and the production was flawless for both still photography and commercial spots.

Looks great, huh? You did an amazing job!
– Julie Pifher, Producer Sergio Rossi

Canon Exhibits

ISC West 2014-2015 – Coffee Shop, Haberdashery, Toy Store

Traveling Exhibit 2006-2010 – The Gardener & The Artist

Canon Expo NYC 2003 – The Watchmaker on Stage H1

CES 2009 & NAB 2010 – The Science Lab

CES 2011 – The Rainforest

HD Expo 2009 – The Mad Scientist

NAB 2006 – The Watchmaker

Best Buy Expo 2011 – The Mini-Rainforest

Vixia/Eos 2009 – Miniature City