Wipeout! on ABC

ABC Wipeout!|Endemol|2009

Picture Kitchen deviously designed several of the most evil new stunt challenges for Wipeout Season 2. The Motivator = A wicked Picture Kitchen idea. The Breakaway Planks = Picture Kitchen at its most diabolical. Each week 24 daring new contestants of all ages, shapes and sizes will go head to head through rounds of grueling and physically demanding but wildly hilarious obstacles to win the title of “Wipeout Champion” and the grand prize of $50,000.


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Picture Kitchen stunt designs Premiere on ABC’s Wipeout!

May 09

Picture Kitchen created the “Motivator” & “Breakaway Planks” for the new season of #Wipeout on ABC. They are slightly evil and certainly look painful… Inspired by devilish Picture Kitchen designs from last year, the team at Wipeout has taken our conceptual drawings and made them into real-life hurt dispensers.

Picture Kitchen on WIPEOUT!

Nov 08

Picture Kitchen Production Designer, Alfred Cooney, signs consultant deal to design stunt challenges for the biggest show of the summer, ABC’s Wipeout! Seven new Picture Kitchen stunts are now in the testing phase and are slated to appear in the upcoming seasons both domestically and overseas.


Client: ABC Wipeout!

Production Company: Endemol

Production Designer: Alfred Cooney


Commercials, ABC Wipeout!, Endemol